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I am jealous of those who think more deeply, who write better, who draw better, who look better, who live better, who love better than I.
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being older than 15 in the homestuck fandom


Being 18 and older in the Homestuck fandom:

Being 25 and older in the Homestuck fandom


being over 30 in the homestuck fandom:


get a life omf

I swear I’ll end up forty year old homstuck if this damned comic doesn’t end soon. I was on hussies site when he was still posting jail break and actually taking dumb shit answers from people.





there is no reason for him to have a bandage around his head here

but i imagine he put it on himself

he probably had a headache for the first time and had no idea what it was or how to fix it

a. take your otp
b. insert shuffle mode on you mp3-player, phone, device you keep all your music on.
c. answer the question (and try not to cheat)
d. tag 5 of your friends (or more if you want)
e. always post the rules

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otp: This time I’ll do Suzalulu (Suzaku Kururugi / Lelouch vi Britannia)

Note: My comments are in Italics

1. what song is played during the first time they see each other?

Panic! at the disco - Always

It was always you
Fallin’ for me, now there’s always time
Callin’ for me, I’m the light blinking at the end of the road,
Blink back to let me know

[Lelouch: You were my first friend Suzaku]

[Suzaku: Yeah it was like that from the beginning huh]

From the start

2. they go out on their first date. take the refrain of the song, it describes the atmosphere of the date.

Barry louis Polisar - All I want is you

All I want is you will you be my bride,
Take me by the hand and stand by my side
All I want is you will you stay with me?
Hold me in your arms and sway me like the sea.

[Lelouch: I’m not getting ahead of myself am I?]

[Suzaku: I’ve never felt something so strong before]

You know it’s for real

3. what song is played during their first kiss?

Wheatus - Teenage dirtbag

'Cos I'm just a teenage dirtbag, baby
yeah I’m just a teenage dirtbag baby,
Listen to Iron Maiden maybe with me?

[Lelouch: Maybe this is just a phase..]

[Suzaku: You’ve been saying that for years now.]

They are both such embarrassing dorks

4. it’s their first time… everything is so… sweet? romantic? hardcore? let’s see what song is playing.

My Chemical Romance - Demolition lovers

Hand in mine into your icy blues

And then I’d say to you we could take to the highway
With this trunk of ammunition too

I’d end my days with you
In a hail of bullets

[Lelouch: It was very emotional for me.]

[Suzaku: At least you didn’t cry]

I am going to leave you two and your issues alone bye 

5. they’re getting married! what will they dance to?

Stomae - All the same (tous les memes)

All you men are all the same
Macho but cheap
A band of wimpy unfaithfuls
So predictable. No, I’m not certain that you
deserve me
You’re lucky we love you
Say “thank you” to me

[Lelouch: You know I’m serious right]

[Suzaku: I love you too baby]

Time for champagne

6. oh no… half of your otp is dead. i know you’re busy trying to find the pieces of your heart spread across the room, but could you tell me which song is to be played at the funeral?

Birds of Tokyo - Medicine

Oh what a liar, what a thief, 

what a major fucking waste of my time.

I’m glad I know you.

And I don’t know why I’m careful

[Suzaku: This is my punishment]

*endless sobbing*

7. okay, back to happy stuff: the first verse of the song defines person a of your otp

Sia - Chandelier

Party girls don’t get hurt
Can’t feel anything, when will I learn?
I push it down, push it down

I’m the one “for a good time call”
Phone’s blowin’ up, ringin’ my doorbell
I feel the love, feel the love

[Suzaku: I wish I could spend more time with Lelouch.]

Put yourself first for once Suzaku!!!

8. The last verse of the song defines person B. of your OTP

The Fray - Over my head

And suddenly I become a part of your past
I’m becoming the part that don’t last
I’m losing you and it’s effortless
Without a sound we lose sight of the ground
In the throw around
Never thought that you wanted to bring it down
I won’t let it go down till we torch it ourselves

[Lelouch: I’m not the person he needs. But I have to change the world.]

Oh hun

9. oh, they’re having a baby! wonderful! the gender of the singer of the next song defines the gender of the baby. the first thing linkable to a name in the lyrics is the name. if it doesn’t match/there’s none, the name is the tenth word of the lyrics.

Eisly - Golly Sandra

A girl called Sandra

[Lelouch: I couldn’t ask for a better wish]

[Suzaku: She’s our future.]

And all the worlds problems dissappear

10. your otp is canon! rejoice! what are you singing to, in the streets, crying tears of joy?

Motionless in white - We only come out at night

Paint your face, tonight we terrorize this town
Coffin case, we gather, our time is now
10/31 we roam the streets in thirst for blood
It all begins all begins with you, with your life

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I love her so much

( ´ ▽ ` ).。o♡


She pointed out the sexism in video games, so men threatened her until she fled her home

On Monday, Anita Sarkeesian posted a segment titled “Women as Background Decoration.” It examined how gratuitous sexual abuse and violence permeates contemporary video games. By the next day, she had received so many violent threats that she had to flee her home. And these weren’t idle Internet threats — some contained accurate identifying information about Sarkeesian’s home and family, enough for law enforcement to get involved.

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you worked so hard and diligently

and all it cost you was your childhood

FMA meme || One Homunculus [1/1]



probably my fav game of thrones cap ever


you’ll never guess what I ship the most in gekkan shoujo nozaki-kun…

Jason Levesque